Capulí is a concept store that brings contemporary art and design as well as native art from Peru and Latin America to Europe and beyond.

We are a company that collaborates with small artisan workshops in order to connect contemporary artists and designers from Peru and elsewhere in Latin America with customers around the world. Capulí is all about unique pieces of important cultural value that are created with love and a focus on contemporary art and design.

We offer high quality products in the following areas:

Capulí Home: our brand for home textile art pieces. Various techniques (such as hand embroidery) are used in order to preserve ancestral knowledge for future generations. The products include cushion covers, table runners, bedspreads, placemats and decorative ornaments.

Capulí Art: our brand of art pieces with both a cultural historical and a contemporary approach such as ceramic pieces from various geographical contexts featuring ancestral techniques and knowledge. We will offer oil paintings from the «Escuela Cusqueña» (Peru) and frames embossed in a baroque fashion, too.

Capulí Alpaca Concept: our luxury clothing brand featuring the finest alpaca wool. Our designs are based on the Andean world and masterfully incorporate touches of contemporary fashion. The garments are made using vivid colors that are typical of the Andes and we use only the finest fibers like baby alpaca wool. Our materials are of highest quality and adapt to the climatic conditions perfectly well – providing warmth in cold climates while and regulating the body temperature in warmer climates.

Urban Épica: our brand of high-quality clothing, designed by Capulí founder Vanesa Vontobel and Peruvian designer Vanessa Vargas Alvarado. Épica is innovative and unique in style and in combining contemporary designs and different artisanal touches inspired by the Andean world. Our most sought-after product is the famous «Andean Pollera», a traditional costume of the living cultures of Latin America. Additionally, we offer luxury coats in an elegant and classic style.



Capulí is an international ambassador for Latin American art, craftmanship and culture. We build bridges between Latin America and Europe and we follow the motto: «Culture. Living history.»


Capulí positions itself to investors, customers, competitors and to society as a company committed to act responsibly and with ethical integrity beyond its productive activities. We organize cultural charity events and are determined to support local projects in early education and environmental protection.

Values and Goals

We encourage the sustainable growth of small local businesses and craft workshops that create artifacts of great cultural, anthropological and historical value. Moreover, it is our passion at Capulí to showcase the talent of contemporary Peruvian artists and designers.

Our philosophy is to work together closely with Latin American artisans and to promote fair trade, ensuring our employees get the training and means they need for their personal development. In addition, we implement production processes that are environment friendly.

Capulí Founder

My name is Vanesa, a Peruvian living in Basel, Switzerland. I hold a degree in tourism management and I have been working as an administrative expert in the pharma sector for several years. My passion for design and social issues was a key to the development of Capulí, a social enterprise that connects the world with the handmade treasures of the Andes, helping to strengthen ancient craft techniques and empower local artisans. I strongly care for slow, ethical fashion and design, and helping to promote the timeless works of Andean weavers is a very fulfilling work for me.

Team Capulí

Grethel Grethel Bergstrom
Grethel works as a business manager for the Capulí project supporting her childhood friend Vanesa .

The love of art and culture is mutual passion for them. As a matter of fact, Grethel admires the mysteries of all types of cultures and the vast experience she acquired as a tourism professional helped her to be a great part of the team helping with all kinds of tasks.

As a member of the team she is in charge of discovering new products and promising artists, negotiating fair prices and managing the exportation of their products from Peru to Switzerland. She also lays the groundwork for inventory and stock control. Grethel ensures high quality troughout the supply chain in Peru and leaves no stone unturned to add value and a great variety of products.
Origin: Cusco

Skills: Management, Commerce, Tourism
Berenice Berenice Diaz Berenice was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts at the "Escuela de Bellas Artes" (ESABAC) in Cusco and subsequently specialized in drawing and painting. She is a visual artist dedicated to "Generative Art", a union of art, science and technology.

She is the founder of the creative laboratory of artists from Cusco “Totemiq” dedicated to creating pieces of contemporary Peruvian art and design with a proposal linked to the concepts of syncretism, popular art and traditional techniques of artistic production in Cusco. She also manages cultural workshops for tourists within “Totemiq experiences” based on local artistic production, combining contemporary and living cultural tradition.
Origin: Cusco

Skills: Visual Artist
Harold haroldonzo Harold is a graphic designer and programmer specialized in illustration, web design, photography and web development. Apart from that, he developed different kinds of skills and hobbies, for example: guitar, Capoeira, visual arts, ceramics, video edition, animation, 3D sculptures and drawing in order to apply every single one of them in his work.

He has worked in different projects such as Simetrica, 3D Rey, Kala, Los Loncos, MINAM, La pulpería, GoUp, Shopbeyond, T-ven and nowadays Capulí project.

For this project, Harold offered his services as a programer and graphic designer, he helped with the web process and a variety of designs. Moreover, he’s been taking photos of the products and accessories for the store in collaboration with Grethel.
Origin: Cusco

Skills: Graphic designer, Programmer
Harold Acuña @haroldonzo


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